Who would like to join us?

Every year Samba O’Leck offers people who are interested, the opportunity to take part in a Workshop. In this course, the basic playing techniques of traditional Samba instruments and parts of the Afro-Brazilian repertoire from Samba O’Leck will be acquired. As well as that, rhythmical and musical exercises are part of the program (coordination, movement, independent and group play). Instruments are provided. Afterwards there will be the possibility to join Samba O’Leck ( beginners group, once a week on Thursdays)

People with previous relevant musical knowledge, have the chance after the first meeting of a quicker rise within the group.

Throughout the year Samba O’Leck will offer various actions for the group members, like for example; a weekend workshop at Burg Waldeck, a weekend trip to the Samba Marathon in Luxembourg, or a trip to the Samba-Festival in Berlin.


If interested, send us an email to info@samba-o-leck.de.


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